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6208 Maple St.
Omaha, Nebraska
United States


About Us

Welcome to Sailor’s Grave Tattoo, a street shop located in the historic Benson district of Omaha, Nebraska.

This is a walk-in only studio. We never take appointments because we have another tattoo shop in which we do that exclusively. All of the artists at Sailor’s Grave do custom tattooing full-time by appointment at Liquid Courage Tattoo in Omaha. We rotate two artists at a time that will work two-week shifts together. You can expect the same quality tattoos as those done across town, but here you only wait hours for them, rather than months. 

Because we rotate artists the tattoo shop will have a different personality every couple of weeks. The brick and mortar stays the same, but some rules may vary slightly depending upon the crew. We try to keep every tattoo session less than two hours, from draw time to finished tattoo, but artists work at different speeds and are not all equally comfortable doing the same types of tattoo. Some may flat-out say “no” to something, like a portrait, that they do not feel like they do as well as another artist. Don’t freak out. That’s just the way it is. Pay attention to the artist schedule, and try again later.

Because we tattoo in the order the line forms, do yourself a favor and try to get to the shop early. Lines often form outside even before the doors open at noon. We do not guarantee that everyone in line will get tattooed. If we don’t think we will get to you, we will try to let you know, but sometimes we run out of daylight, and your sob story won’t save you. We have beers to drink.

We have a lot of great flash and many of the artists bring books from their own personally libraries featuring classic tattoos designed by some of the greats in the history of American tattooing such as Sailor Jerry Collins, Don Ed Hardy, Doc King, Ben Corday, Milton Zeiss, as well as contemporary artists from around the world. We are happy to design something for you as well, provided it can be drawn and tattooed quickly, but just because something is on the wall or out of a book, doesn’t mean you should rule them out. Those are the books we look at when we “draw” your rose anyway. Remember, getting a great tattoo is far more important than getting an “original” tattoo.

One last thing. We will occasionally feature guest artists, all of whom you can be assured are top names in the industry. Keep your ears to the ground, and try not to miss out on a chance to get tattooed by one of our out-of-town friends. Let them pay for the airfare while you get a tattoo from a great guy or gal that just a few people in town will have access to.

We hope to see you in line sometime soon. Bring a book, a tablet, some lunch money, and some patience. Sometimes a ten-minute tattoo can take all day to get, but it will be fun, we promise.